Day 20: Tenacious Talent

Tenacious talents are similar to illustrious intellectuals except the gifting is not limited to mental capacities. Two characteristics that tend to accompany these characters are a terrific talent and a challenge that goes beyond the area of their talent.

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Day 17: Quirky Quacksalver

Quirky quacksalvers are characters who pretend to be something that they are not. Be it for love, for fear of family, or to enter an arena that otherwise might not accept them, quacky quacksalvers find themselves trying to survive in a new world, under a false identity.

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Day 16: Philanthropic Profiteers

So, you may look at today’s character type and think, isn’t that an oxymoron? Yes, yes it is and in some ways, so is this character type. Philanthropic profiteers have the idea that you can’t change the system, so you might as well take advantage of it. Deep down, however, these characters want to hope for change or at least want to see goodness within a corrupt world.

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Day 15: Oddball Outsiders

Oddball outsiders don’t fit into the world of their story. It could be that they weren’t born into their world they just never found their place. Two things oddball outsiders tend to have in common are beliefs that aren’t shared by the majority and being at odds with their environment.

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Day 14: Naive Narrators

Naive narrators have an innocence about them that contrasts their surroundings. They are literally narrators, whose voice can be heard over the stories and they give us the ability to see a harsh world through innocent eyes. Two aspects naive narrators tend to have in common are a level of innocence and a weighty environment.

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