What is a story?  What drives us to return to some stories again and again and to put other stories down after a few paragraphs?   Can storytelling with all of his complexities and wonder really be mastered with time, research, and practice?

In this blog, I’ll examine these questions and more as I seek to excavate some of storytelling’s living mysteries.  I’ll look at different articles originally written in English, Spanish, and Japanese to explore international viewpoints on this craft.  I’ll also look at examples from movies, novels, short stories and blogs. 

To tell you a little about myself, I’ve always had a passion for storytelling and a curiosity about what works.  In my second grade of elementary school, one of my goals was to create more realistic characters.  In middle school I wrote 100-page novels for my mother to read and in high school I wrote my first play that was performed for an audience for 500 of my peers.  I went on to study screenwriting in the US and in Japan, where I started writing bilingual skits that were enacted by a theater company Yokohama.

As you can probably guess by now, I speak three languages.  Spanish by heritage, English also by heritage and Japanese because I lived in the country for over four years.  As you can also probably guess by now, I am a happily self-proclaimed nerd, so my posts will sometimes include a multitude of references.  I don’t get any endorsements. 

Blog posts will be on Mondays until the beginning of April. On April 1st, I’ll start the A to Z Challenge where I’ll be posting everyday from the 1st through the 26th. After that, blog posts will resume being on Mondays.

Finally, as much as I’m interested in understanding the healthy organs of a vivacious story, I’m also interested in hearing about the experiences of other writers and all those within the vast categories of storytelling humans (including those in marketing, education, medicine, law…etc.).  So, feel free to comment and contact to share your own thoughts on this mysterious entity we call the story.