Day 26: Zesty Zilches

Welcome to the last day of the A to Z Challenge. For this year’s challenge, examined different types of characters that can be found in international fiction. Today I’m looking at zesty zilches.

Zesty zilches find happy elements in life, even when most people in their surroundings consider them to be losers. They tend to find silver linings in dust bunnies that build under their beds.

Two things zesty zilches have in common are being able to find something to make them smile despite their circumstance and having access to amazing opportunities.

Happy Losers

Cinderella, although she can fit into other character categories, is the ultimate zesty zilch. When denied companionship with the world around her, she makes friends with rats. Beatriz Pizon in Betty la Fea, is seen as so ugly she shocks a few people with her appearance. Despite understanding that the world thinks she’s ugly, she still has a heartfelt laugh that brightens her own deposition. Billy Ray Valentine in Trading Places still smiles while being homeless and living on the street.

Access to Amazing Opportunities

Although zesty zilches start out with low social standing, they have access to amazing opportunities. Cinderella gets to attend a royal ball and enamor a prince. Beatriz gets to become the president of a fashion company and also falls in love. Billy Ray steps into the shoes of a wealthy broker and is given a chance to run a company.

Other examples of zesty zilches are Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman, Marisa from Maid in Manhattan and Charlie from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.

Thanks for accompanying me through this 26-character type journey. Which character was your favorite?

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