Day 23: Wonder Women

Welcome to Day 23 of the A to Z Challenge. For this year’s challenge, I’ll be examining different types of characters that can be found in international fiction. Today I’m looking at wonder women.

There is a myriad of strong female protagonist, but what separates wonder women is that they embrace risk and do what others in their environment can’t do.

Factors that tend to accompany this character are strength revealed in juxtaposition and courage despite a weakness.


Wonder women’s strength is often revealed in juxtaposition with those around her. For example, Wonder Woman’s strength in Wonder Woman, is juxtaposed with women on an island of warriors. Although women around her are strong, she has abilities that exceed them all. Ree Dolly’s strength in Winter’s Bone is also highlighted by contrasting it with other people’s weakness. For example, in the beginning she’s seen as guardian of her brother and sister, while teenagers her age learning to hold a child. Ree’s guardian skills are also contrasted against her own mother who is incapacitated.

Strength in Weakness

Aside from being strong by comparison, wonder women take action in spite of their weakness. Ree had a multitude of weaknesses, that included her lack of physical strength and lack of parental guidance. Despite this she still ventures out into a violent world to try to find her father. Wonder Woman’s weakness is her naïveté. She has no knowledge of the outside world, but still ventures out into it to fight the foe only she can vanquish.

Wonder women can be found in every genre. Other examples of wonder women are Maddy Bowen in Blood Diamond, Moana from Moana, Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel, and Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games.

Can you think of other examples of wonder women?

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