Day 20: Tenacious Talent

Welcome to Day 20 of the A to Z Challenge. For this year’s challenge, I’ll be examining different types of characters that can be found in international fiction. Today I’m looking at tenacious talent.

Tenacious talents are similar to illustrious intellectuals except the gifting is not limited to mental capacities. 

Two characteristics that tend to accompany these characters are a terrific talent and a challenge that goes beyond the area of their talent.

Terrific Talent

These characters have a talent that sets them apart. Andrew in Whiplash can play the drums so well he ends up in a class with the elite. John McClane is so skilled at police work he can take down armed robbers originally with no gun and no shoes. Tony Nathan’s talent on the football field transforms his formerly losing team.

Tedious Tests that Trouble Talent

Often the challenge for these individuals isn’t the area of their talent itself, but the world that goes along with it. Andrew in Whiplash doesn’t have a problem playing the drums, he has a problem handling the demands of his psychotic teacher. John McClane in Die Hard is a talented policeman, but finding out how to rescue his wife from the hands of armed robbers in a city not his own presents a new level of challenge. Tony Nathan in Woodlawn doesn’t have a problem playing football itself, but he does struggle to find his place representing a school formerly divided across racial lines.

Other examples of tenacious talent are Monica Wright in Love & Basketball, Michael Oher in The Blind Side and Creed in Creed.

Are there any other characteristics you’ve noticed in tenacious talents?

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